Hi, my name is Tomasz Lasko and I would like to present you a small tool, which I have written on one sunny day :)

If you are using multiple Web browsers (e.g. Opera is fast, but some important websites only support IE), then this small GUI tool helps you in opening links (e.g. the ones that you click in an Instant Messenger) in the browser you like.

This is a not too complicated Ruby/GTK script with the GPL license. Anyway I have not seen such a thing in the Internet, so I wrote it today and I would like to share it with the Internet community. Maybe someone will use it as well.

It is very helpful at least for me, when I prefer to use Opera browser, but some websites do not work in Opera and I have to copy the link to the clipboard _each time_ and run some other browser like IE, and paste it there. That's why I've written this script, now it is working nice! :) It has some TODO items, because currently it is a quickly written script. So I plan some modifications to it, e.g. an XML-based configuration.

Anyway, it surely works on Windows, but also should work on other platforms, as I wrote it using a platform-independent code.

Link to the project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/linklauncher

Among other things, you may see a screenshot there.

Please download the tool from SourceForge.net download page (you may choose between ZIP and GZ archive format, but they both contain the same) and then please see the INSTALL file (in the package archive) for installation instructions.

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